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To Assist Unaccompanied Minor Refugees who lives in Greece, without any shelter, education, medical assistance, Legal assistance, etc. And also to assist other vulnerable asylum seekers, such as Single Parent with Children’s & vulnerable women’s.

Enhancing people’s capabilities for self-development by working for improved literacy levels, better health status and sensitization against oppressive gender relations that is mostly carried forward by Unaccompanied Minor Refugees to their refugee seeking nations.

Creating sustainable improvements in the livelihoods base by revitalizing the natural resource base of communities

Strengthening diverse communities by creating an alternative example of educational structures and community interactions that reinforce the positive forces of cooperation, transparency, equity, justice and responsible citizenship that will assist both the children and their family members.

Now we give you some information about Greece. It is famous worldwide for Greece to be corrupted for economy crisis; thousands of factories, industries, companies were shut down due to crisis. Which is why thousands of immigrant & refugees are jobless, it is estimated that 70% of the people of Greece are jobless. Most of them are in the streets because they are unable to pay the rent of the house & electricity, etc. Parents with children are having issues because they are unable to feed & take care of them. So, if you want more information about Greece, please visit this link to this conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tk-xsC0orw Here you’ll understand in what condition the immigrant & refugees are at.