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EEA GRANTS – Iceland – Liechtenstein – Norway

International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Greece

I believe that this letter meets you in good health. I think extremely high of Hara Organization and

It is my great pleasure to write a letter of financial support on its behalf to IOM Greece & EEA Grants

Hara is a registered non-government, nonprofit organization participating in various issues concerning the well being of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers living in Greece.

Greece has now become a mother land to many refugees/immigrants, while in the past couple of years the number of refugees has increased incredibly ranging from children to old ones. Many of this refugees /immigrant come to Greece for one reason or the other, political problems, fear of life threaten circumstances and others for better life. Most refugees /immigrants are from Asia and Africa facing war, conflict, and climate problems in their country (Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Philippine, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, India, Ghana etc) in contrary to other European countries.

Some sold all their properties to raise money, paid agents who brought them to Greece through any means: by foot, walking thousand and thousand of kilometer through jungle, mountains just to have a better life, many other cross the Mediterranean – sea with live boats to get a better life, risking everything. The suffering to get a better life is unbearable sleeping in the mountain, drain by rain, cold, snow. Some died in the process of crossing the Mediterranean – sea, while some women and young girls were victims of rape by hooligans.

How they make their way to Greece is not the major problem that these Asylum Seekers are facing. What assistant do they have in Greece? Now they are in Greek soil, facing detentions by the coast-guards for three to six months, release to find their fate with thirty days injection paper to leave the country. Asylum Seekers in Greece have little assistant or small kind of support. No health care, no food and accommodation. Most find their ways to Athens – the capital of Greece – from different islands, to obtain refugee/immigrant statue.

This is another nightmare; these Asylum Seekers sleep outside the immigration office for weeks no answer, no food and shelter. Finally, they are given a resident paper (red card) by the Greek government.

Where will they start, with no language experience? Without food and accommodation, how can they possible find a job? (It is estimated that more than 50% of immigrants and refugees are jobless). They end up sleeping in parks, begging money for food, while others gather in Omonia area of Athens, and are involved in any kind of illegal jobs such as drug dealing, stealing money etc. Many women and young girls & boys “choose” prostitution out of desperation in order to make a living. In some case this woman’s & single parent with Children have their kids with them; the children see their mother entering hotels with different men, exposing them to sexual harassment.

All the above exist because the lack of infrastructure and immigration policy in Greece.

Hara for long time has been in the asylum seekers sector. I have been working for the organization as a President. People that visit our association are primarily immigrant & refugee’s children’s, Single parent with children’s and vulnerable women’s. In addition, I speak Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, and English, which makes my communication with people that visit our NGO for help, easier. As a member of the management team of Hara, I am charged with constantly working to find more efficient, cost-effective means of delivering equality education and a moral upright society. Hara cannot achieve its goals and objectives, we have to solicit for assistance from IOM, EEA Grants (ICELAND, NORWAY, and LIECHTENSTEIN) and co-operate body to execute our aims and objectives.

Greece is facing a very difficult economical crisis and it is our obligation as humans and as parts of NGO Hara, to help these Asylum seekers and give the best possible means to them in order to survive. Besides, one of the main principals of our association is that “The point is to help everyone survive and not just a few by sacrificing the others». This is the reason that if you give us fund for the Shelter House for Unaccompanied Minors, then the Refugee & Immigrant minors who are in Greece, will be in Good condition.

This is the reason; we have made an NGO Monitor. Which is Below:

1 Hara Leadership

2 EAFAE (Greek – African Philanthropic Organization) as Association Member

3 IGE O. Ouroueno as Assistance of EAFAE (Greek – African Philanthropic Organization)