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We, NGO HARA, out of Greece, we also have one orphan center in Bangladesh. The pictures below comes from north division of Bangladesh, where every year is being corrupted by natural disasters (Water Flow, SIRD, heavy raining, Tsunami, Hurricane, etc). Which is why, ngo hara is taking care of the orphan center all time long. I’m Jahir Dakua, and i am born in the village of that division & also the founder of the HARA Orphan Center. The division is known as Barisal Division, Wazirpur is the municipality, village name is HASTI SLUNDA. It is a very quiet, peaceful village. In this orphan center, the orphan childrens are all unaccompanied minors, disable childrens. The orphan center provides foods, accomodation, cloth, medical care, legal assistance and many other services to these victim childrens.

This is the place, where we want to make an education center, and we are waiting to start construction with donations from other International organizations.