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Since 2009 to 2012 maximum people who came here in Greece came from UAE. We also sent emails to other Organizations. This is the reason we want to make the HARA Events (Like Festival) where we will invite All the Embassies which are in Greece, Communities, Organizations, Business persons, etc. Many Immigrants and Refugees have been Isolated with illegal trades. We, in Corporation with all other communities will demonstrate that we are working people with families, an effort to gain a Better Life. In a Speech from presidents of communities to everyone address in their Languages that would interpret that individuals involved in illegal activities in Greece, will be isolated because the catholic feelings of Legal immigrants are to live and work in respecting the Greek Law. With this festival, all together we can improve society, to make it better, and free form illegal trades, etc. So that people can live together without discrimination, and we immigrants and refugees to live under the same roof with them. In this Festival we will also show the immigrants how to invest in Greece, Development Business, how to bring each country people’s businessman from their own country to invest in Greece, how to export products from Greece to Outside countries. With these, Greece’s economy will be very strong, and Refugee & Immigrant’s working power will increase.



Cost Per

Time of Use

Cost x 2

Total Cost

Stage 2500€ per day For 2 days 2500 x 2 => 5000 €
Lighting System 1500 € Per Day For 2 Days 1500 x 2 => 3000 €
Sound System 3000 € Per Day For 2 Days 3000 x 2 => 6000 €
Stalls 50 Stalls 100 € per Stall (for 2 days) 100 x 50 => 10000
Security 10 Guards 75 € Per Security 75 x 10 x 2=> 1500 €


Posters & Invitation Cards

Gate banner

TV Advertise

Radio Advertise

2000 €

Musicians & Singers(musicians & Singers are from Greece & Outside of it)

Rehearsal, Food & Accommodation, Singer Payment, Transport, Drama, Costume, Makeup

10000 €
Reception For Honorary Guests 1000 €