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Education Programme


This project is going to assist in educating 100 (hundred) refugee and migrant children and also encouraging awareness and togetherness. It will also help support them in their financial needs such as food and clothing as well as books and other useful school equipment.


What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Greece is facing a very difficult economical crisis, 70% refugees are jobless and cannot obtain their basic needs like food, shelter and education for their kids; and it is our obligation as humans and as parts of NGO Hara, to help these endangered immigrant & refugees and give the best possible means to them in order to survive.The point is to help everyone survive and not just a few by sacrificing the others. This is the reason that your support would benefit them.


How will this project solve this problem?

The project will help refugee and immigrant children’s who lives in Greece, without any shelter, education, medical assistance, Legal assistance etc.It will also enhance their capabilities for self-development by working for improved literacy levels, better health status and sensitization against oppressive gender relations that is mostly carried forward by Unaccompanied Minor Refugees and migrants to their refugee seeking nations.